Christina Marie Corsino


I'm a recent college graduate with a passion for the graphic arts. I've done my fair share of internships and have made some great connections throughout my experiences. Now that I'm graduated I'd really like to work on networking and exploring my career options in the Graphic Design world. Being new to Charleston I'm really working to get myself into the art scene down here. There are plenty of art activist, magazines, and galleries to get to know so I'm excited about learning how I can incorporate those interests with my work-world.

Currently I'm doing freelance work selling artwork, a job that I was originally doing from a studio in New Haven, CT. Transitioning from an office environment to an at-home work experience has been very liberating, yet challenging. With the skills I've gained from this job I feel I would be a great asset to an office type environment.

I love animals and traveling. I don't like being in the same place for too long if I can help it. Meeting new people and sharing stories is one of my favorite things about going to new places. I think I have a great sense of humor, but I like getting serious too. I also enjoy being outside, going to the beach, kayaking, discovering new places, riding my bike, driving with the windows down, recycling, and learning about Earth and outer space.

Please email or call me with job opportunities!! You can find my resume in my portfolio! Thanks for stopping by!


  • Adobe CS3 software
  • beginner in Flash
  • Microsoft Office